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In MÖNSTER OUTSIDE, Sidra Bell Dance New York has joined forces with innovative Swedish composer Per Störby and his critically acclaimed chamber ensemble New Tide Orquesta, to develop a flexibly voyeuristic discourse about the nature of outliers in contemporary society. Two acts marry dance theater, chamber music, projection mapping, vocal scoring, and scenic and lighting design, the work will locate and depict aspects of human joy and despair via the experience of the “outsider". The title MÖNSTER OUTSIDE is a play on Swedish-English cognate irregularities; in Swedish, 'mönster' translates as 'patterns'. This work will engage live audiences in the process of deconstructing social structures that create outsiders in our society, looking at outsiders as those that live and operate outside of the norm it comments on nature and its relationship to the pursuit of technology that causes dissonance and detachment from humanity. Onstage, the work will use a theatrical interplay of movement and sound patterns between Sidra Bell Dance New York and New Tide Orquesta, veering between playful, colloquial, and disturbing narrated by experimental vocalization. The piece will be performed in a multitiered stage arena of moving parts and screen filters designed by the dynamic design team Amith Chandrashaker and Amy Rubin, that marries highly technical movement with eclectic sound worlds. MÖNSTER OUTSIDE will depict themes of human alienation in technologically driven culture, isolation, youth culture, identity and gender politics, rage, and the search for intimacy and inclusivity in constantly shifting contemporary life.

Foundational Support:

New England Foundation for the Arts National Dance Project Production Award

New England Foundation for the Arts National Dance Project Production Residency for Dance

Musikverket (Sweden)

ArtsWestchester (Educational COMMUNITY | MODULES for MÖNSTER OUTSIDE in Westchester County)

Creative Residency Support:

New England Foundation for the Arts Production Residency for Dance (National Dance Project)

Vara Konserthus (Vara, Sweden)

SITE Sweden (Stockholm, Sweden)

Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans, LA)

PearlArts PearlDiving Movement  (Pittsburgh, PA)

CUNY Dance Initiative Lehman College (New York, NY)

Impact2Innovation Ball State University Provost Grant (Muncie, Indiana)

New Jersey Dance Theatre Ensemble AiR Program (Summit, NJ)

Baruch Performing Arts Center (New York, NY)

Purchase College Conservatory of Dance (Purchase, NY)

Alonzo King LINES Ballet Training Program (San Francisco, CA)


The Mallaney Family, Anna Thompson & Taylor Knight (slowdanger), The Abarbanell Family, The Crawford Family, Gregory Dawson, Turtle Brennen, Kayla Brannigan, The Clark-Schoeb Family, Staycee & Hermann Pearl, Claudette & Dennis Bell, Kevin Brewer & Antonio Licon, Garfield Lemonious, Roderick George, Karah Abiog, Matisse Maitland, Francesca Butler, Robin & Kelsey Sarli, Melike Konur, Kerime Konur, Nancy Turano, Nelly van Bommel, Claude Johnson, Kiley Dolaway, Cassidy Willox, Alex Diaz, Jamie Wright, Bay Area Dance Collective, Zellerbach Family Fund, The Heinz Endowments, Corey Bliss, Jenna Capizzi


Kickstarter Donors: 

Platinum Donors:

Nancy Sands, Camele-Ann White, Jason Baynes & Sydelle Ross, Christopher Titcombe, Richard Cunniff, Mary Kay Bell, Dennis Ryan, Caroline Hasselmann, Germaine Williams, Fritz Wada, Joe Lucyshyn, Hazel Rosen

Gold Donors:

Charles Fox, Troy Ogilvie, Jaja Taylor, Beverly Russell, Barbara Murray, Joe Lucyshyn, Melinda Cranes-Roehrs, Andrea Pizziconi, Amanda Kotlyar, Hazel Rosen, OhsoDastardly

Silver Donors:

Margie Gillis, Jim Fletcher, Alan Franklin, Constance Banton, Michele Bell, Karah Abiog, John Freeston, Ram Parekh, Tushrik Fredericks, Amitai Golub, Jennifer Zielinska, Ofra Bloch, Edward LaFuentes, Joyce Baynes, Larry Rhodes, Clare Davies, Dr. Cornelia Mikolaiczyk, Abby Hirsch, Joe Lucyshyn, Susan Monroe

Bronze Donors:

Eric Damon Walters, Margot Atwell, Ingrid Kapteyn, Andressa Furletti, Victor Catano, Neil Balgi, John and Susan Genell, Kathy Lewis, Meryl Reis, Lisa and Richard Fleisher, Randi Rivera, Misa Lucyshyn, Emma L. Lewis, Ellen Leary, Jessie Jeanne Stinnett, Melvin Bucholtz, Jim House, Joe Lopick, Brett Allcorn, Christian Warner, Milena Hasselmann, Mary Carole O’Connell, Levi Hawkins, Max Canion, Dale Alan Zurbrick, Shellie Franklin, Donna Brindle, Gracie Winston, Roderick Adams, N. Mikolaiczyk, Alisa Katzen, Judu Gray, Elizabeth and William Sledge, Renee Troiano, Laura Kaye, Rose Goldenberg, Robinsine Sarli, Dennis Bell, Doug Post, JoAnne Tucker, Lindsey Renee Derry, Vicki Watts, Karen Weiss, Suzanne Miller, Tracy Halloran Pearson, Andrew Previc, John & Jo Leal Clark, Diane Strafaci, Stephan Abarbanell, Mikhail, Megan Boyar, Bettina Abarbanell, Anne OConnell, Christina Bost Seaton, Tijana Lehtikoski, Delphine Diallo, Carline Darcelin-Riley, Nicholas Croft, MiSs B, Laura Rodney 

Special thanks:

Visual Relief, Johannes Ferm Winkler, Tom Waldton, Joseph Keckler

MÖNSTER OUTSIDE is made possible by a National Dance Project Production Award and a Production Residency for Dance (New England Foundation for the Arts) and Sweden's Musikverket grant. 

World Premiere- November 2017 Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans (Presenting Partner)

Artistic Team:

Sidra Bell-Art Director/Lead Artist/Creative Producer (USA)

Sidra Bell Dance New York- International Dance Company

Per Störby Jutbring-Composer/Lead Artist/Creative Producer


New Tide Orquesta-Band (Sweden)

Livet Nord – Violin
Josef Kallerdahl – Double bass/Producer
Johanna Dahl – Cello
Thomas Gustavsson – Piano
Per Störby – Bandoneon

Amith Chandrashaker- Lighting, Décor, Production, Creative Producer (USA)

Amy Rubin- Set Design (USA)

Caitlin Taylor- Costume Design (USA)

Dacia Torchia- Dramaturge (USA)

Greg Kastleman-Creative Producer (USA)

Henrik Lillsjö- Creative Producer (Scandinavia)

Sound Engineering: CSP Sound Solutions, Dennis Bell 

Images: Umi Akiyoshi Photography, David Flores Productions, Cesar Brodermann Photography

Cinematography: PopovMedia with Alex Popov & Alexey Gorokholinsky

Production Assistant: Ruth Rebekka Hansen

SBDNYTEAM: Raven White, Courtney Barth, Bryn Hlava, Max Canion, Alex Diaz, Breeanah Breeden, Alex Bittner, Anya Clarke, Mitsuko Verdery


Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans

New Orleans, LA


November 17 & 18, 2017 7:30pm


Wilson Center Cape Fear Community College

Wilmington, NC

April 5, 2018 7:30pm


Emens Auditorium | Pruis Hall

Ball State University

Muncie, IN

November 9, 2018 7:30pm


Teater Kungsbackal

Rüm for Dans

Kungsbacka, Sweden

April 6. 2019 6pm


Vara Konserthus

Vara, Sweden

April 9, 2019 7:30pm


Umi Akiyoshi Photography

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